Monday, September 10, 2007


Hi, my name is Nghia Le, and welcome to my blog. I just graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a BA in international studies. My area of specialty includes: East Asia and SE Asia development, macroeconomic, and mathematic. I have studied Chinese for four years, Japanese for two and a half years, and of course I can speak my native language, Vietnamese. I was born in Vietnam and moved to the US when I was seven years old. Currently, I just want to take a sometime away from school to experiences life a little more, to take what I have learned and to see it put to use. Afterward, I hope to go back to school to get a Phd in economic.

Before moving here (blogspot), I've been using msn window live to blog with, but the service proved to be less than satisfactory. That is why I have decide to move here. So, I'm going to be moving some of my old stuff over here. My old blog is at Most of the early posts here are stuffs I moved from there, but if you want to see more stuffs, feel free to visit it.

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